Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just for Joyce

My lovely friend Joyce made a comment on Facebook this morning that my Blog needed updating. Yes, it does. BADLY!

All good intentions seem to go to the wayside these days.

Too much to do, and not enough hours. Before I know it, Christmas will be here.......oh wait! It's only a little over a week away!!

Things sneak up on you, don't they?

First day of holidays today. My 'Big Girl' graduated Kindergarten yesterday (Prep equivalent for those interstaters reading). I can't believe how fast the year has gone!

Ardyn has had a very busy end to the year. She has recently got through not only the end of her first year of school, but she had an amazingly fun birthday party at the starts of the month, a couple of dance concerts and photo day and all the fun and excitement that comes with the lead up to Christmas. It's been busy, but fun, for all of us.

Bailey participated in her first dance concert this year, and did a stellar job!!! She is still attending daycare for a little while longer, but starts at Preschool in February.

They are both getting so big!!

And of course in there Cal and I have been working (Cal), shopping (me), keeping busy, and having a great time with our adorable little girls. Cal has started to compete in regular Triathlons, trying to get his body ready for a Half Ironman that he has entered in May. So he spends a lot of time training for that. I'm really proud of him, and am looking forward to seeing him complete the 'Half'. Can't see me doing this type of thing, but good on him for doing it. Did I say I was proud? I am. Really, really.

The next couple of months will be busy ones, getting ready for an exciting 2011.

First and foremost, Cal and I are off to see Bon Jovi on Friday night!!! Woot woot!!!! I have never seen them in concert, and although I would never have considered going in the past, I really want to see the spectacular (or at least I hope) that is Bon Jovi live. And of course it will be nice to have a night out!

As Cal started a new job this year, he has to work the work days during the Christmas period. This means that we are spending our first Christmas with the kids at home. EVER!!! It's very exciting, but a bit sad at the same time as we won't see our families who live south of the border. We are planning a very laid back approach to the season, just the way Christmas in Australia can be enjoyed. Lots of outdoor eating and playing, the BBQ supplying us with great food, kids in the pool, lots of good wine. Should be fun.

We are spending Christmas Day and the days around and after it with various friends. We have been blessed to have made some really great friends since living in Sydney. They are my substitute family members, and I know that I can call on them for anything, just as family would do. I am looking forward to being able to share this time of year with them. There will be lots of holiday fun at the beach, in the pool, a possible camping trip, and hopefully some time to just relax and chill.

Not long after Christmas we will jump on a plane for a bit of a change of scenery and head from 30oC-odd to about -15oC!!! We are off to Whistler to enjoy a spot of skiing and partying and general fun before we get back into the the 2011 school year. Yippee!! Can't wait! Hopefully this time I won't need the services of the Ski Patrol and local Ambulance like I did last time we were there. Fun experience. Painful, but fun to be skiied down the mountain in a 'pod'.

And when we get back, life won't slow down - oh no. The kids go back to School/Preschool the day after we land, Cal is entered in a few Tris, it sounds like he will be doing an "Asia Trip" for work, we have some plans to get up to the Central Coast for a weekend or two as a family before the weather goes bad, I would like to get away with my girlfriend for a couple of days, Ardyn's dance teacher is talking about her taking her ballet exams this year (so that means extra time in the studio).........and then it's the end of Term 1. Easter.

Bugger me!!!! It's not even Christmas and it looks like we're booked up until Easter!
Well that's what life with kids is like isn't it? But it's good. So good. Wouldn't change it for anything.

There you go Joyce. Happy????
Blog updated.

I hope that you are all enjoying the start to your holidays and this lead up to Christmas.
K xx