Thursday, August 2, 2012

One pact, one day, and one miserable failure

Over the last month or so I have been sorting stuff out around the house, in my head and with my body. Spring cleaning, if you will (even though it's still winter). Perhaps getting my house, body and mind fresh in the anticipation of the brilliant spring ahead of us?

A couple of weekends ago I took all of my old kid's clothes and toys and hosted a stall at the Avalon Baby & Kids Market. The plan was to sell everything, but whatever was left at the end was NOT coming back in the house. I stayed strong, priced everything REALLY low, and sold almost everything. Whatever was left was donated to St Vincent's on the way home. I was very proud of myself, and Cal was impressed with the $350-odd that came home with me.

That took such a weight off me. I was really surprised.
And so it started.

Tradesmen have been called to do the odd jobs that have been piling up around the house and I am on a mission to declutter and reorganise.

Case in point - my wardrobe. It's a never-ending source of angst in my life. I have way too many clothes. There's no two ways about it. "Quantity, not quality" I'm often heard saying to my husband whenever he walks past it, shaking his head.

I keep meaning to be ruthless and throw half of it out, really take the time to define my style, but I just can't. There's so many sides to me, I feel that I need to be able to dress them as their mood strikes. But then I can't find anything, forget what I have, and seriously can't fit anything in.

"One out, one in" I often say to to myself - yesterday was one if those days.

There was a pile of clean clothes in our bedroom getting bigger by the day. I had no room to hang them up. I promised Cal that I would have them all hung up a cull had to happen.

The cull wasn't very ruthless, I must say. There was not a redefinition of my style, but I made enough room to fit the clean clothes in.
After all was said and done, I made a pact with myself "Seriously Kirst, one out, one in. Stick to it! Make it your wardrobe mantra."

That was yesterday. Today a package came. A skirt and shirt that now needed a place in my wardrobe. One out, one in. One out, one in. I kept repeating it to myself as I was in my wardrobe finding a place to hang my new goodies.

One out, one in.
Well, that shirt that I was um-ing and ah-ing about yesterday can go. Can't it? I kept it for a reason didn't I? I'm going to wear it. Aren't I? I keep flicking past it, but the weather has been all wrong? Keep it until summer, and then if I don't wear it, it's gone. Great compromise. I'll just pop this new one in next to it.

One out, one in. One out, one in.
What about this skirt that I haven't worn since.......when did I wear it last? Well surely that's an indication it should go? Yep, it's gone. No. Um........ Again, it's a summer skirt, let's see how it goes when the weather is finer.

One in, one out.
How about this denim one? Well, you don't throw away denim skirts! You always need one in your wardrobe. Maybe one of these dresses? Again, wait until after summer.

One in, one.......OH SHUT UP!
Sod it! Hang it up. Get out of here. Deal with it another day.

I'm officially hopeless.