Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thankful Thought Thursday

Today's Thankful Thought is double-pronged. I didn't expect it to be, but now I know that it is. Neither one can wait until next Thursday, as I am thankful for them right now.

Firstly, I am thankful for Cal. SOOOO thankful for his love and that he chose me. Thankful that he gave me two beautiful girls. Thankful that he puts himself out for us every day. Thankful that he has given us this family life that we can all enjoy, and should be thankful for every day.

Thank you honey.

And now for the second bit......

Today I have had a little bit of a hard day. I start doubting myself as a friend, and start thinking that it's just not worth putting myself out there. I try to be honest with people, but I'm just not sure if it's worth the trouble sometimes. I feel like I've not been worthy, and have broken my own heart in the process. And I don't know why. I have wanted to crawl into a hole all afternoon, and feel as though I have really neglected the kids in the process.

Then I called a couple of people who have been beside me for the years that I have been in Sydney. Those who took away that 'lost' feeling when I moved here. Those who made me feel like I belonged somewhere. And for them, I am thankful.

I am a good friend. They tell me that. One told me that my problem is that I care about people too much. I take their pain into my heart and I worry. BUT.......on the outside I give of a persona of confidence (apparently), and look like I have it all together. So people who don't know me well just don't realise how much I care and give a shit.

Well I am here today to tell you that I do give a shit, and that I don't have it all together. I doubt myself constantly. I hurt. I make mistakes. I forget things. I’m human.

But I try to be honest with my friends, and care. I truly care. So I take in the hurt and pain of others. Maybe a little too much.

I don't have it all together. I'm a mess.
But today I am truly thankful for those friends of mine who understand me, and accept me for who I am.

I will continue to send love out into the universe, and be honest, and will try not to take it to heart if I don't get the same back.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Another gorgeous day!

We have been blessed lately with some beautiful weather in Sydney. The sun is shining and I am sitting here by the open back door enjoying the fresh air. I hate being cooped up inside with the heater on. I really hated May this year - it was SOOOO cold.

This is definitely one of the reasons I love living in Sydney.
In a week I am to fly down to Melbourne and drive out to Ararat (country Victoria) where the top temperature on a random day I checked last week was 9 degrees. The TOP temperature!! That's about our overnight minimum!!! The things we do for family.

That is also if we can get there. For the first time in a while we are flying down and hiring a car. I am so sick of driving such long distances with two kids by myself. It's become painful. And to make it more enjoyable we have to stop regularly, so the trip I done over two just seems like FOREVER.

Anyway....volcanic ash. Air traffic has been heavily disrupted in this part of the world due to the volcanic eruptions in Chile, and the ash being blown into our air space. It is being blown back the other way today, and flights seem to be returning to normal, but if the wind turns in the next week and blows it back this way again, we may be disrupted and grounded. If that's the case.......I don't know what I'm going to do. Worry about it next week I guess.

At the moment I'm dealing with Gastro. Yuk!!!!! I just picked Ardyn up from school looking very green, and apparently she was looking 100 times better than what she did when she first came to Sick Bay. She is currently in bed asleep. Bailey is under strict instructions to stay away from her.

When I picked her up I found out that it has been going through the school. It's hit Year 4 and Kindy over the last couple of Year 1's turn - just in time for the holidays. And it's not a quick but violent one from what I understand. It's one of those bugs that let's you feel better for a little bit and then hits you all over again. Can't wait.

Just an ordinary day in the life of a stay at home mum I guess.
K xx

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thankful Thought Thursday

I was reading Mardi Winen's Blog, and she had a post about a thankful thought. And by the looks of it she gathered the idea from Ali Edwards (I haven't read Ali's Blog for AGES, but it sounds like something she'd do).

Nonetheless, it sounded like a good thing to make a regular, featured post - in the hope to get me back to posting regularly. Also, if I start to concentrate on the things I am thankful for perhaps I won't dwell on negative stuff.

So I aim to start "Thankful Thought Thursday"

My first Thankful Thought post is this about:

Our Monkey and Wellington fairy door.

The girls received it for Christmas a few years ago. I am thankful that this little entrance is in our house. It allows the fairies a safe passage from the Fairy Kingdom to our house, and allows a little bit of magic to enter our house every day.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh dear....I'm sad now

I just jumped online to post he photos from the June photo challenge, and I noticed that I have lost a follower. :(
I'm not one who blogs specifically to get followers, but when you only have 33, it's easy to see when one has gone. Oh well. Thank you to the 32 still remaining. :)

Here are my photos that I have taken, but have been too lazy to download. I have been cleaning off my memory card ready for my weekend away in Brisbane....but more of that another time. (Hopefully this 'other time' isn't like all my others that take forever or never come..... :S)

So here are the photos.

Day 2 - What you wore today

Day 3 - Clouds
(there were none)

Day 4 - Something green

Day 5 - From a high angle

Day 6 - From a low angle

Day 7 - Fruit

Day 8 - A bad habit

Day 9 - Someone you love

And now I'm up to date and have an empty memory card. :)

K xx

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And here's Challenge 1........................

A self portrait.

This is reminiscent of a self portrait I took a few years ago. I usually have trouble photographing myself and being happy with the shot. I generally need to divert my eyes from the camera to be happy with it.

I'm pretty happy with this. To me, it really reflects the way I feel today. I am happy. Truly happy. I have had a good day. Things went my way, or at least my expectation of 'my way'. I love it when I day meets with your expectations. I feel balanced.

I am happy.
K xx

Photography Challenge

I have been playing around with some photography courses and photography editing courses at Big Picture Classes and Jessica Sprague, and am a bit motivated to get the camera out at the moment.

I stumbled across this Photography Challenge at Frankie Rose, and I think that I may give it a go. It's only one month, surely I can do it. I failed drastically at my last 365 attempt, so maybe I can just get a 30 day attempt completed.

Would you give it a go? If you do, don't forget to thank Penelope over at Frankie Rose for the challenge.