Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh dear....I'm sad now

I just jumped online to post he photos from the June photo challenge, and I noticed that I have lost a follower. :(
I'm not one who blogs specifically to get followers, but when you only have 33, it's easy to see when one has gone. Oh well. Thank you to the 32 still remaining. :)

Here are my photos that I have taken, but have been too lazy to download. I have been cleaning off my memory card ready for my weekend away in Brisbane....but more of that another time. (Hopefully this 'other time' isn't like all my others that take forever or never come..... :S)

So here are the photos.

Day 2 - What you wore today

Day 3 - Clouds
(there were none)

Day 4 - Something green

Day 5 - From a high angle

Day 6 - From a low angle

Day 7 - Fruit

Day 8 - A bad habit

Day 9 - Someone you love

And now I'm up to date and have an empty memory card. :)

K xx


A Farmer's Wife said...

Don't worry about the follower issue. Sometimes people just close their blogger account etc. (Or that's what I tell myself!)

Once I wrote a post about how I was a bit over home decorating and how people were obsessed with white - lost 3 followers!!!

Kirst said...

That's funny.

I'm not worried. I tell myself that they are now following me in Bloglines or something, and it doesn't turn up on Blogger.

We tell ourselves anything, don't we?

Joyce said...

hahahahaha you match my bad habit!! Im in bed right now blog hopping, and facebooking.

Love the boots from what you wore

and cant wait to see you guys!