Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Big Kid's School - Day 2

Ha! I'm going to go backwards. Day 2 now, Day 1 later. Typical of me to be atypical.

It is currently about 8:15am, and the girls are fed ready to go and upstairs having a dance waiting for me to tell them to get n the car. She is quick to finish her breakfast and brush her teeth so that she can put the magical blue dress on. She gets dressed after all that so that she doesn't get her dress dirty.

Ardyn loves the thought of school. She would sleep in that dress and attend on weekends if we'd let her. We're not having any issues in the morning getting her ready as yet, she is so keen.........but it's Day 2......lets wait and see how it is in about a week.

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Joyce said...

Im glad she is loving it! Mine love it too, the only thing I have is hair drama ( also known as I do Zoes hair to her specifications then she looks at it, takes it out and ties it in a pony tail!)