Thursday, January 13, 2011

Learning new things

Now that Bailey has gone back to Kindy, I had the time and energy to teach Ardyn to use her new sewing machine (a birthday/Christmas present from Gran and Pa).

She was very excited, but managed to sit and listen to me as I explained what everything on the machine does.

Then we just ran some fabric through the machine without thread, so that she could get the feel of it. She was a little bit apprehensive that she wouldn't do it right - what a darling - so we had a little talk about learning new things and practicing.

After that I ran some thread through the machine and away we went. After about 7 rows of "straight" lines she started getting a little bored. I had her do one more row so that I could at least take some photos.

Hope you are having a great day.

On a slightly darker note.......

To all of my friends in flood-ravaged Queensland, my thoughts and prayers go out to you, your families and your friends. At this time, (I think) 13 are dead and over 50 still missing. This is an absolute tragedy, and I can't comprehend the amount of devastation that I see on the news, internet, everywhere. I can't even imagine being in the middle of it. I aplaud your strength and tenacity to get through this disaster.

On a personal note, I just wish people would take this more seriously. I hear stories of people swimming in the flood waters with their children. I know a family who has decided to drive up from Sydney for a holiday (what the?!?!?!). It's not the time for using Queensland as a tourist destantion , if you plan on heading up at this time, please roll your sleeves up and help rather than possibly stretching Emergency Services even further if you get in trouble. Do something positive to help the people who are suffering, rather than worrying about your holiday.

This type of behaviour is selfish, reckless and downright UnAustralian.

Prayers to the families of the lost, love and hope to the survivors for a quick recession of the water, and best of luck with your clean up.

K xx

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milkcan said...

Aw, how lucky she is to have a Mom to teach her to sew! I'm delighted that you're participating in Art Journal Every Day!