Thursday, May 12, 2011

I {heart} the Brave Girls

I really needed the Brave Girls' Daily Truth today. Thank goodness it was delivered to my inbox, as it then prompted me to venture over to their Blog for the first time in ages, where I read this post.

I know that the Daily Truths and Blog entries are kind of like tabloid horoscopes that you can fit into your circumstances depending on how you read them, but my goodness these little gems resonated with me today.

I am valuable, and I do not have to prove anything.

I am smart, and brave, and loved. I am determined to be the best person I can be, whoever that may be. I am loved, and I love. Whatever I put out there will come back to me, and this is the positive image that I am putting out there......and it's not a lie.

I have a pretty great life, and I am thankful for it. And I plan to do the most with it.

K xx


Joni Llanora said...

These are beautiful words! I needed that too. Would make a good poster for my daughter's room to keep her motivated :)

Joyce said...

Thanks for putting me on to them, I love the emails, some days they dont mean anything much, and other days they really get you