Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Extreme Pageviews!!

When I started my Blog all those years ago, it was so that my parents could keep up to date with our lives after they moved to the other side of the country, and to share my papercrafts creations with the online communities that I was a part of. Then it was handy for family and friends to read about us when we moved interstate. Now, it just contains my intermittent rants and thoughts, a bit of family news, and a photo here and there.

I dont expect huge traffic to my Blog. In fact I am stunned when I get more than 10 hits a day.

Imagine my surprise when I looked in my stats right now and saw that this post has 2,396 views!!!!! Then I laughed - the bloody title could come up in response to all sorts of web searches. Makes we wonder what sort of terms people are punching into Google.
When I looked at the keyword search, they all contained 'boob' in some way - big boobies, teenage boobs(!!), boobs - and they are all from the US, UK or India.

Too funny!!!! Or sad???

Not sure I like this traffic to my Blog though.

GO AWAY PERVS!!!!!!! You've not welcome here.

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