Sunday, October 7, 2012

Blogtober Day 7 - Failed at "Never Fail"

I enjoy cooking, and I think I'm actually an okay cook. However, if I was to be specific, I especially love to bake. I love the process of creaming butter and sugar, I love playing around with recipes, I love the eating part. I can often be heard singing "Baked goods are my weakness" to the tune of 'Young boys are my weakness". Yes it's true, my knees go weak around cake.

My speciality is cupcakes. That sounds a bit cliched. I mean, EVERYONE does cupcakes these days. I feel so 2008!!!
Seriously though, they are quick, simple, fun to decorate and the perfect serving size. What's not to love about a cupcake?

I have had my standard cupcake recipe for some time.......8oz each of butter, sugar and self raising flour, 4 eggs, baking powder and vanilla. Simple. Light and fluffy. YUMMY!

The problem I have had with my yummy, scrummy old faithful recipe, is that it is so light, that it can flop in the middle during the cooling process. Kind of like a souffle. Then to decorate, I an restricted to using frosting to fill this hole. And if it does keep its shape, it's so light that it can be destroyed with anything more than light frosting. Limited!!! Don't like these limitations.

So I've been on the hunt for a denser cupcake recipe. One that would have more chance keeping its shape in my dodgy oven, and hold it's shape so that it can be decorated by my kids' loving (but certainly not gentle) hands.

During Blogtober I have been reading Blogs that I have never visited before. I stumbled across Debbie Does Handmade, and her recipe for "Never Fail Cupcakes" and thought I'd give them a go. The recipe was for a Thermomix, but I thought that there's no reason that they couldn't be made "Kirsten-mix".
I can't believe it! They failed!!!!!

They sunk in the middle and were gooey and not cooked inside.

They tasted good, but no good for decorating.

So I tweaked a little in the oven temperature and time to bake department, and didn't add the milk. A very basic and simple recipe.

And out they came!!! Check out these absolutely perfect cupcakes!!!

I mean, is this not the most perfect cupcake you've ever seen?

And because they were so perfect and round, they were iced with a sweet, runny icing glaze.

Just in time for afternoon tea.

Couldn't get a photo of the kids eating them, as they basically inhaled them. Too quick for me and my camera.
Thank you Deb, you have supplied me with my NEW 'go to, no fail' cupcake recipe, and my family and I are thankful.

Kirst x

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Joyce said...

I will come for afternoon tea if you make them again. Yum