Sunday, November 8, 2009

After my brief interruption

I will get back to updating my blog momentarily. Momentarily may be a coupla days though.

Since the broadband has got back to speed, I have had trouble getting near the desktop to clear out my emails. I subscribe to so many newsletters and while the speed was slow they couldn't load up all their pretty pictures. So they are sitting in my Inbox waiting to be read. And I haven't' set up my email on the laptop, so this is the only computer that I can access them on.

Maybe that's what I can do on this rainy dreary Sunday - reorganise the computers like I've been meaning to.

I want to move the desktop into the family room so that we can see what the kids are doing on the computer. And we have two laptops, so I will set one up for me, and one for Cal. I just have to get my a into g and do it. Not that it's a hard task, I'm just lazy. Hehe.

But alas, in my current laziness I am still in my PJs, about to make myself another cuppa and contemplate a shower sometime in the next couple of hours. Maybe. :)

I just made a little treasure hunt for the kids, and they had fun for 5 minutes haring about the house to find the next clue. Now Arydn wants another one, and because I am refusing, she is taking it upon herself to make one herself. This should be interesting, but if she does it - good on her!!!!

Anyway, this was meant to be a quick update to say that I'll be back later. But I can't seem to stop typing. There's always something else to share. So I'll just force myself to stop.........

K xx

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