Monday, November 2, 2009

Don't you just hate......

when you exceed your monthly download limit before the month is out?

I exceeded mine last Wednesday, and my billing day isn't until this coming Wednesday. Luckily I don't lose access, it just gets slowed right down. So we are basically on dial up speed at the moment.

Two days to go.

So this update will be quick, and will be text only. Will post photos and stuff on Wednesday or Thursday.

It's Melbourne Cup day tomorrow, and for the first time EVER, I almost forgot about it.
Living in Sydney there is no Spring Carnival hype. No BBQs planned. No 'long' weekends away.

For the last few years we have headed away water skiing with friends over this weekend. Prior to that it was camping with the same friends. And prior to that (and that's now going back at least 12 years) there was always a BBQ to go to.

This year - nothing. Nada. Just another Tuesday.

But over this last weekend our good friend Lyndon ran the Noosa Triathlon for the first time, and we are VERY proud of him. He is happy with his result. He did a great job. Now he's trying to convince Cal that he needs to get involved in the Tri Series'. I'm sure that he would, except the entry fees and then the travel expenses are a bit high for a family with no income. Hehe.

One day maybe.
But it's a double edged sword. If he has a job and we can afford it, he's got no time to train properly.
Oops! I'm blabbering now. Sorry.

So I'll finish up with what I'm loving......Christmas magazines!!!!!

I love Real Living Mag at the best of times, but I truly madly deeply love their Christmas issue. And I never buy Better Homes & Garden Magazine, but of course I do for their Christmas issue. Who wouldn't???? Well, I'm sure that many people wouldn't, but I'm all over it!!!

After my cleaning today, I'm going to sit down with a well-earned cuppa and my Christmas mags and just disappear into a world of beautifully decorated homes, and gorgeous food, and inspiring gifts.

Enjoy your Monday.
K xx


Joyce said...

sounds like a wonderful monday, although christmas is coming waaaaay to quickly this year!

Mel said...

aargh! I hate when you go over your limit...we did it a couple of months ago...dial up

Hope you enjoyed all your Christmas mags

Mel xx