Thursday, July 22, 2010

All Grand Plans go to waste, don't they?

Well mine do, so it seems.

I had plans today, I would call them Grand Plans, and I just didn't pull them off. They were plans just for me (hence I think they're Grand). I was going to enjoy my time alone today.

I have no kids in the house today. For the WHOLE day. I haven't had this for WEEKS! And the very few days that I have had without kids in the last 8 weeks or so, we have had visitors. And if there were no visitors I was 'turning the place over' for the next lot of visitors. Then it was school I haven't managed to have very much 'me' time lately. And anyone who knows me knows that I need that alone time to regroup and refresh (but then again, who doesn't need it).

So the Plan was to drop the kids, go to gym and then come home and do some painting. I have some furniture items that I have 'acquired' in the last few months that I have been meaning to repaint before bringing them into the house. They have been living out in the garage waiting for their new finish. It has even got to the point that Cal has moved them 'out of the way' - he doesn't think that it's going to get done.

But I am determined to get these things DONE!! I have given myself a 4 week time frame to prime and paint a wardrobe, mirror, buffet (and possibly another small cupboard). I HAVE to prove Cal wrong now. :) And they need a few little changes done to them like new handles and closures.

BUT, my day didn't go as planned. I even contemplated coming home after dropping the kids off and just cleaning the squalor that is my house.....then Ardyn reminded me that we didn't have presents for the parties that the girls are going to on the weekend. Oh dear! That meant going to the Mall right when the Target Toy Sale had started. I was trying to avoid that.

Last night a friend txt'd me asking if I was going at midnight, and my response was "Hell No!". And then when she told me today that she had gone at 5:30am, I called her "Crazy!". She said that there was only about 10 people there at 5:30 though....even so, I was home in bed toasty warm.

Anyway, I digress.......
So now, after dropping the kids off, I had to get to the Mall to get presents. The new Plan was to get in and out as quickly as possible to get home to paint. The gym can wait until later/tomorrow/some other time.

After a coffee and perusal of a mag, I braced myself and headed in for my 2-3 items. Next thing you know, I had a trolley, and was piling it full with toys. Bugger me! It's just so easy to give in. And with Miss B's birthday around the corner, it was even easier.

So a quick visit to the Mall turned into a 2 hour visit, and I then thought that while I was in the area, I would pop into the local Vinnies to see what they had on offer. And I was glad that I did.

For AGES I have been looking for a large ornate frame to paint and use as a mood/notice board. But EVERYONE wants them for the same purpose these days, so they were always too expensive. Well, I managed to pick one up today, with a PERFECT mirror inside (God it's heavy) for the bargain price of $20!!!! It's 34" x 24" in total, and the frame is about 2.5" wide. Now to decide whether to convert it a cork board or keep it as a mirror!?!? Either way it's getting painted.....another thing to add to the list. Now to choose a colour?? High gloss black? Aqua??? Hmm - so many choices!

Along with that, I grabbed some cute little mugs for the kids to have their hot chocolates in for 50c each, about 3m of good quality denim for $3, a couple of little silver trays for a buck each, a small hinged wooden file box for $2 and a couple of knitting and sewing patterns for $1.

So by the time I got home and responded to some emails, checked FB (the necessities) it's 2pm - and I still haven't had lunch. The idea of painting has gone out the window. I have an hour before I have to go and get Ardyn, and I don't want to get started just to have to stop. So my Grand Plans have been moved to Monday. But I had a very productive shopping day!

Now to eat and relax, and enjoy the quiet, as it will be shattered before too long.

Hope you're day has (in some way) been productive.
K xx

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