Monday, February 21, 2011


OMG, we've been back for about three weeks, and I still haven't posted anything here about our wonderful holiday.

Two weeks in Whistler. It was a dream!! The kids had a ball at ski camp for 2 weeks. The adults had fun skiing and shopping and drinking and eating and just having fun.

I feel like it was forever ago, and anything I type about it doesn't give it the credit it deserves anymore. Bummer!
I have typed about 6 paragraphs, and deleted them, as they are just not coming out right.

I have posted a photo story (per se) on Facebook, but for those of you not 'on' FB, here is the public link to the gallery.
You can view the gallery here.

There are more photos, but Sue left her camera on the plane from Vancouver back to Sydney!! But it's okay, as Air Canada found it, but now she has to somehow get it home. She doesn't really want her Canon 50D travelling through the mail. I don't blame her. Hopefully it can make it's way back to her home soon. I'm sure she misses it.

Well.....I am really bummed out! I jumped on here hoping to detail our wonderful trip for anyone who wants to read about it (all 3 of you), and just so that I have it documented for my own sake.

If the urge comes back, and I can write and do it justice, I'll be back.
In the meantime, back to regular programming (blog posts when I get around to it, when I really want to make a blog post every day or 2 - only I can change THAT habit).
But that's a whole other post.

K xx

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