Saturday, February 26, 2011

It started with blood and tears.....

.......and finished with pure excitement.

We put Ardyn to bed at about 7:45pm, as per usual, and at about 8:00pm she came down stairs crying with blood pissing out of her mouth.........not so usual.

Ardyn has been DESPERATE to lose a tooth. She feels like she's the only one in her year level who hasn't lost any. Then a few months ago the bottom two started to wiggle, and wiggle and wiggle........

Over the last couple of weeks she hasn't been able to keep her fingers out of her mouth. The left one is so wiggly she can move it with her tongue. The new tooth is coming out behind the baby tooth, so it wasn't actually pushing the tooth out. We had no idea when it was actually going to come out! Ardyn is not the most patient girl in the world (what an understatement), so she's been driving up nutty asking when it's going to come out.

Anyway........the story is that after I put her down, she was playing with her tooth, as per usual, and just wiggled a little too hard. It wasn't really ready to come out. But come out, it did. She came downstairs in all sorts of hysterics, catching blood in her hand, with this tooth hanging by the smallest thread of skin.

The blood scared the living CRAP out of her. She thought that she'd really hurt herself. There was a fair bit of it.

It took a little bit to calm her down and explain that it's okay, and that she wasn't actually hurt. It was okay.

I grabbed a tissue to pack in the hole, and the tooth came with it.
She wouldn't calm down until the bleeding stopped.
It didn't take long.

Once it stopped she was all smiles. She even posed for a couple of photos to show off the gap in her smile, but I had to use the flash, and you just couldn't see anything. We agreed to take some more tomorrow so that she could show of her gappy smile better.

So now her tooth is by the Fairy Door, waiting to be collected. No under the pillow in this house. We have a door straight to the Fairy Kingdom which means that the Tooth Fairy doesn't wake the kid up trying to get the tooth out from under their pillow. Best thing EVER!

Will post a photo tomorrow.
K xx

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Joyce said...

That is soooo exciting! Did the tooth fairy come ok?