Saturday, April 9, 2011

Time flies when you're................busy

How time flies. It's been almost a week since I've updated, and I still don't have photos on my computer to show you. They are still on the camera.
I have been attending meetings at Ardyn's school, doing canteen and general running around as happens from week to week.

I haven't blogged, I haven't read any blogs. I feel as though I have neglected the cyber-community in some way. And a little closer to home, my house is a MESS!!

I still haven't put all the 'stuff' back in the study that lives there. I have been walking into the garage at various times over the last week, looking around and shaking my head, then walking out again. Now that I think of it, wasn't I doing that a few weeks ago when I had to take it all out of the study?

I don't think it is. I think it's just that there is SO MUCH stuff. I have no idea how all of that stuff came out of one room. I do know that it's not all going back though. I refuse! But I also have to work out what goes back in and what doesn't.

Last night I started bringing back books and magazines, and made a ruthless decision.

Anyone who is interested in Mixed Media Art, Scrapbooking, Photography........has heard of the Stampington & Co. publications Somerset Studio, Life Images, Somerset Memories, Somerset Life, Art Journaling.....the list goes on.

I have subscribed to one (or a few) of their magazines at any one time. Additionally, every now and again they have a sale on past issues. I have used these times as perfect opportunities to pick up some issues I may have missed, or stock up as my subscription has lapsed. The sad sad thing is that I have only ever got around to reading a few of them. They have sat on my shelf collecting dust, waiting for someone to love them. I even have a couple still in the plastic that they are sent in. How sad is that??

So my ruthless decision to get rid of them upsets me a little, but I know that it's better to have the room on a shelf available for something that may otherwise clutter up the floor.

I have also made a decision to get rid of a lot of the papercrafting books that I have collected over the years.

eBay here I come.

The nest step is to declutter the bookshelf in the family room.
It will feel like I'm opening an eBay book store, but I have to rid our house of all of this excess 'stuff' and I can't in my right mind just recycle brand new and near new books and magazines that someone else might get some use out of.

The words haven't worn out yet. :)

So my mission today is to try to get some more stuff back into the study and get to work selling off everything that's not going back in.
I'm pretty sure that there'll be some art, scrapbooking and fabric supplies in there that I really don't need.

I'm on a mission.
Why do I have to get on these 'missions' over the school holidays. When will I have the time. Really???? When do we EVER have the time though? We have to MAKE it.

Off to make it.
Enjoy your weekend.
K xx


Sonia said...

Kirsr i know how you feel, so i am on holisays burying my head trying not to feel guilty or think about what mess faces me at home!
I have however started on the cookbooks Dalwood has received a box or two

Kirst said...

Of course! Dalwood! I was trying to think who could take my unwanted stuff. Knowing my luck though, I'd buy it back at the next Jumble Sale forgetting that it was mine - hahaha!!!

Beverly said...

I am right there with studio is so full the thought of getting it organized has overwhelemed me. I finally sucked it up and got to it thes week. Good luck with your Ebay sales :)

Joyce said...

I am forever throwing stuff out, how on earth does it accumulate so quickly??

Dont forget to post your ebay user name on here when you have listed....