Saturday, July 2, 2011

I hate depression

It sneaks itself up on you when you least expect it. It's a silent menace.
Interferes with your life and completely alters the way that you think about things.
Makes you doubt - yourself and others. You can't think clearly. Judgement is cloudy.
It's a horrible feeling.

If you suffer, you know what I'm talking about.
And I'm not even that bad. I have friends who are medicated for their depression, I can get myself out of mine, can usually prevent it if I feel it coming. But it sucks when it sneaks up on you and attacks from behind when you least expect it.

It's here, and I didn't see it coming this time.

Now is not the day for it. I don't need it today.


Terri C said...

I am sending you huge hugs hunny...I know just what you are saying though. I have had a week of it and I am only now able to see the light at the end of the rabbit hole. Much love coming your way xxxxx

Joyce said...

Thinking of you babe, I know the colder weather doesnt help!

Paula said...

{hugs} Kirst, hope you get above it quickly xx

Lauren said...

Sending you a big hug, I know all too well that black feeling. Keep taking some deep breaths xxxx

Winnie said...

*hugs* I know exactly what you are going through and it does suck at times. At least you have acknowledged it - that's one step in the right direction.

Tatum said...

Kirst, I know exactly that feeling you are talking about. I hope that the blackness passes swiftly. Give those girls (and that super tall husband) great big hugs. Watch them sleep and just be for a bit. Looking forward to hopefully seeing you again much sooner than I expected!!! T xxx

Georgine Roe said...

It’s okay to feel sad, Kirst. It’s normal to feel that way, especially when things get really tough. I can tell that you’re a strong and independent woman, and I know you’ll be able to overcome whatever may come your way. Do not embrace depression. It is not healthy and it will not fix things. Just continue living your life and be happy, Kirst.

Georgine Roe