Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Open - then unproductive - Day

Today has been one of those days that I have had zero motivation to do...well.......anything really.

It's Education Week here in NSW, and Ardyn's school put on an Open Day which involved a breakfast, performances by the whole school, an opportunity to see the kids' work and their library, and a book fair. Ardyn has been looking forward to this day for WEEKS. The Year 1 and 2s were putting on a performance of songs that they have been learning in their Japanese classes.

Ardyn woke this morning with a cough which after a night of pumping Ventolin into her has not cleared. I'm now pretty convinced that it's not asthma, and me trying to be a responsible parent told her that she couldn't go to school. I hate it when parents send their kids to school with illnesses that they then spread to other kids, so I don't send mine when they seem to be infectious.

But she was so distraught about missing Open Day, and I felt so bad, that I decided to take her so that she could show me her work, perform and then donate a book to the school, then home to rest. Strict instructions went with her about NOT COUGHING ON ANYONE.

The morning was wonderful. If I was a parent looking for a school for my child and I attended a morning like this, I would be suitably impressed. Our school community is amazing.

After such a lovely morning though, I have been lacking any sort of motivation to do anything. So while the girls played nicely in their rooms, I sat down at my computer and continued a project that's been keeping me busy lately. I feel like my study looks a little like this:

The reality is that it looks like this (please excuse the dodgy photo):

Can you guess what I'm doing????
Time gets away from me. I get so engrossed. I love it. But it's so expensive and time consuming.

I'm getting back to it. I miss it already.
K xx

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