Monday, August 22, 2011

The photos......

I would firstly like to thank my wonderful husband Cal for taking so many photos on Sunday at the party, while I flitted around with the parents.

Next I would like to pre-warn you that in trying to get these photos up as quickly as possible, I have taken then straight off the camera, and have not been able to clear a few of them up like I would have like to. But I'm sure that you'll get the idea.

Saturday - the presents
(sharing a few for the family interstate)

Strawberry Shortcake remote controlled car (has been under my feet most of today) and Sleeping Beauty doll from Aunty Kris, Uncle Vaughan, Dylan, Blake and Sienna. Yes, she is hugging and kissing the doll through the plastic box.

Wii Dance Junior from Aunty Nik, Uncle Mal and Baby Willow. Haven't played it yet, but I can certainly see it coming out on the weekend when Daz and Jane come to visit with their boys.

Keyboard from Aunty Liss, Uncle Adam, Mason, Darcy, Riley and Tayah. Yes, that's a double fist pump you are looking at.

Plus a cuddle.

Thanks guys for all the wonderful presents. She's been spoiled rotten!!

Saturday - the dodgy Woolies cake
(but she doesn't seem to care - cake is cake when you're 4)

Sunday - the party

In the parachute chasing balloons

Fairy Belle doing some magic

Outside playing fairy games

Time for some face painting

The kids all waited so patiently for their turn.

Hanging out with Fairy Lily while the other girls get their faces painted

Time for cake. I love the fairy cake topper by Lache.

And the inside.
Yay! It worked!!

All the fairies!!

Bailey with Fairy Belle and Fairy Lily.

What a magical day we all had.
K xx

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Sandra said...

oh what lovely lovely photos, looks like someone had the time of her life :)