Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Chang of Plans.....

In a whole(what's it been?)........half an hour or so, I've changed my mind. I remembered that I have a copy of Bob Harper's book "Are You Ready?", and I thought that it I am going to motivate myself by reading and acting on them, I can do it with Bob.

His book provides as much as Michelle's program in so much as you pretty much have to motivate yourself through reading and doing, so here I go.......

The last 18 months or so have taken it's toll on me. I don't feel like 'me'. And since Cal went back to work in May, I haven't had the chance to get into a routine that included me. This is my time.

I am starting to feel a bit more balanced in so far as our family routines and now I need to inject some time for me. And I am going to. I am determined to.

I plan on keeping a journal of the changes that I make, how I feel and such, but I"m not sure whether to create a Blog or write it down. I may create a Blog, but keep it Private. This is not a journey that I am brave enough to share with everyone. I may in the future, or to a select few (I think that I may need some support) but not everyone.

So off I go. First baby steps - less coffee, more water, more sleep. I can start there.
Wish me luck.
K xx


Paula said...

Good luck Kirst! I certainly know how you feel...hehe, I should join you ;) Funny how we always come last on that list of priorities :( I struggle to understand why I can't carve out 1hr a day for myself! Well done on making the first step...of many ;)

Melanie said...

You can do it Kirst, baby steps all the way for me.

I would also recommend making small goals and allowing a week to break them.

Recently I said no caffeine for a week and now I rarely drink coffee, its all herbal tea for me.

The next one was don't log onto facebook for a week and now I have given up the FB games as I realised it was too time consuming and now I don't miss them.

They say it takes a week to make or break a habit.