Monday, August 16, 2010

What the....?????

Does it stop? Ever?!?!?!

Today was just ANOTHER of 'those' days.

In the bliss of the girls playing outside yesterday, they decided to take a 'trip' in my car. That involves playing in my car which is parked in the garage and pretending that they are on a journey. They take books and 'treasures' out there and play. It keeps them happy, and if they are happily playing, I am happy too.

Until this morning.

With all of last night's grief behind us, we had a great morning. The girls got up and ready for school without issues, ate breakfast, packed bags, played quietly. Awesome.
Into the car at the exact time that I wanted to get away, and when I tried to put my seat in the correct position (as it had been moved in yesterday's journey), it wouldn't move. Electric seats. I turned the ignition. Nothing. Looked around the interior of the car, and I saw the interior lights were turned on, but not actually on.

BUGGER!!!!! The anger rose in my so quickly that I think that I scared the girls. I was LIVID!

First thought was to walk up to where Cal's car is parked to catch the bus and just use that. Then I remembered that he had driven to the airport yesterday to go to a funeral in Melbourne today. And what else was in Cal's car? The jump leads.

Didn't have time to call the NRMA and wait for them to make an appearance.

Called my girlfriend who I KNEW had jumpers and she didn't answer.


Called another family from school, who I knew the dad was on a day off, asking for help. They didn't have any jumper cables either....but then......... N0t only did they come over and pick Ardyn up to take her to school with their daughter (and they were both subsequently late), but they bought over their second car, gave me the key and told me to relax, take Bailey to daycare and get done whatever I needed to get done. We will worry about my car and returning theirs later.

OMG!!! There are actually people like this in the world, and I am blessed to be able to call them my friends. Words cannot express my gratitude and love for this family. And I have only known them since February when our kids started in the same class together. Actually, the mum I've only really known since April, and the dad I ran in to at a few parties in March and April. And they do this for me.

After I had run my morning errands (with a few shuffled into tomorrow's schedule) I came home and called the NRMA to get them to jump me and check that the battery hadn't been damaged. All good there, took the car for a spin to get it charged up, but the CD player seems to have been fried. :( Still hoping that it's just that there's not enough juice getting to it. The car is currently on the charger. Will wait and see what the morning brings.

But then, while i was out driving/charging they called to say that they were at my place . They came to not only get their car, but to make sure that I was okay, stayed to make sure that I was okay, he checked my CD player to see if he could make it work, and even played around with the pump in our pond to try to get that going (all without being asked).

Can you say BLESSED?!?!?! Can you say AWESOME!!!

I am still in shock that a day that started out so bad, could turn out so positive. I'm still not happy that today was a write-off and that my busy week has just been made busier, but there is a warm, fuzzy glow associated with today. I have found a couple who are the real deal. They are loving, generous and kind. Rare traits found in today's society.

How lucky do I feel that they are a part of our lives??

I am looking forward to the rest of the week. It can't get any worse, and if it does, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel.

K xx

Oh, and there's now a ban on the computer too.

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