Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sounds so sweet - never lasts

On Friday we had a real Friday 13th type of day. It was just EVIL. It culminated in the kids being banned form TV for 2 days, and if during the 2 days they ask to turn the TV on, another day was added on. Sounds extreme, but my God, they deserved it. For two generally well-behaved kids (I mean, kids will be kids) they were just utterly disobedient. Time for a lesson.

As we stand at this moment, they don't get any TV until Wednesday. They'll learn.

In the last couple of days, we have had good and bad moments, but the good have been oh-so sweet!

Yesterday I was sitting in the study doing....I can't even remember, and then I heard it. The giggling, the glee. It was the girls playing out in the driveway on their scooters. Zooming down the hill at (what seems like to them) break-neck speeds, and just generally having fun out in the sun together. I love those moments.

Yesterday they rediscovered their friendship.
Yesterday they enjoyed the sun.
Yesterday they didn't watch TV.
Yesterday they were so sweet.

It was the sweetest of sweet.

Today was actually a good day too - until the end of it. But it was explainable.

I took the girls and a friend of Ardyn's out to see the new Tinkerbell movie. It was only playing at one (relatively close) cinema for a short time. It was today or never - or at least until it came out on DVD.

So off to a strange Shopping Centre, stuck in roadworks, not sure if we'll make it, got there, no idea where to park, then no idea where the cinema so bloody big, wandering around in circles...........then we find it. Get our tickets and popcorn and find the cinema. The girls were so excited. We were the first in the cinema and they were running up and down the aisles, giggling and playing and putting the BIGGEST smile on my place.

It was a great movie too.
Then 90 minutes later we wandered around the strange shopping centre trying to find a craft store coz the kids wanted some stuff to play with, then more wandering and going up and down various escalators to find the car, found the to Maccas!!!!

Of course no one ate anything because they had too much popcorn and lollies, but they enjoyed having a kids do.
Back to Charlotte's house, crafting, playing rock band, coffee for me, relax........

When we got home, there was some more happy playing, but before too long the nightmare began. Fueled by exhaustion we all started attacking each other. The kids were crying at anything, I couldn't handle them. Cal's not here to offer any relief (he's in Melbourne as a dear, dear friend's father passed away during the week, and the funeral is tomorrow). I feel so bad with how the day ended. How the weekend ended. We had had such a lovely time and it just feels like I destroyed it. I hope that by the morning they have had a good night's sleep, and have forgotten all about it. I hope that by the morning I have had a good night's sleep and have forgotten all about it.

Just going to watch Offspring and then head off to nigh nighs. Busy week ahead. Lots of baking to be done. Lots of cleaning to be done. And a very special third birthday to enjoy at the end of it. Something to look forward to. And I am really looking forward to it.

K xx

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Joyce said...

Oh I hear you 100% Kirst....hugs to you hun

and wasnt offspring hilarious