Monday, August 30, 2010

Did nothing

How the hell is it possible to be tired when I did nothing today? Maybe that's it. I did nothing. But I'm tired when I actually do stuff too - so how does one actually win the battle?

Had a weekend that went all too fast (but don't they all?). Going backwards, I had a stall at this market yesterday. It was fun. I got rid of a few things for me and some girlfriends, I got to spend the morning chatting with my girlfriend who I haven't seen for a while, and just did something....if you know what I mean. I may get the bug for this market thing. It was quite enjoyable.

Yesterday afternoon I just played with the family, and had a great time hanging out. The kids had been on the go so much for the few days leading up to the weekend, that they needed a day of just doing not much.

Saturday afternoon we headed to the Newport Arms to help my lovely friend Sarah celebrate her 40th birthday. It was an afternoon of lots of food, wine, sunshine and fun, and was very enjoyable.

Friday night Ardyn had a movie night at school. Basically that involved the kids coming back the the school hall at 7pm with pillows and blankies and watching a movie - although from what I've heard not much watching was done, but a good time was had by all. "Loud" would be the work for the night. Ardyn was picked up by the lovely Emma and went for a sleepover at their place. She must be a glutton for punishment. After a week of school, swimming, ballet, netball and an extra night out, she was happy to deal with two 6 year olds giggling and talking and doing anything but sleeping.

And now it's Monday, and I did NOTHING today. Well I did really. I played personal assistant to the family. a lot of what I call 'office work'. That involves getting quotes to work out how much it would cost to travel to the Sunshine Coast for a wedding, getting quotes to get the car serviced (and then booked in), organising plumbers, paying it looks like I did actually do something. Ha!

Now off to do some more, but domestic stuff this time. Dishes, dinner, kids......with a coffee thrown into the mix.
Does it ever stop? And I don't think that this is a 'stay at home mum' thing, I think it's a 'mum' you agree?

K xx

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Sonia said...

Totally a mum thing!!!