Sunday, August 8, 2010

Retreat Weekend

I had a FANTASTIC time at the Forever Always Retreat this weekend. It was the first time that I have been to their retreat, but the 14th that Sonia has hosted. I highly recommend it to any crafters out there. It wasn't just about scrapbooking, there was sewing as well, but you could pretty much come along and do anything. And 'anything' doesn't just mean craft-related activities. You can craft, bush walk, take photos, whatever. I even debated taking a book and a bottle of wine and just relaxing, but of course I filled my boot full of scrapping supplies and made my way to Glengarry to spend a few days attempting to find my creative self.

This is a fantastic property for a craft retreat. Even though the accommodations are basic, you have run of house, the conference room stays open 24 hours for those late night bursts of inspiration, and it's in a beautiful setting close to home - well my home anyway.

Sonia holds a true 'family' retreat. The FA Design Team are tight knit, a lot of the women attending have been to all 14 retreats and know each other quite well, and Sonia's family are there to pitch in to set up and pack up, cook us the most fabulous meals all weekend, and just be friendly and supportive. Even though I knew only a couple of people before I went, I was made to feel at home and a member of the family.

Relax. I did.

I spent a wonderful time scrapping and sewing and chatting and eating and drinking and talking and just hanging out.
Did I say that I highly recommend it to anyone wanting a relaxing weekend away?

I have found the urge to create again.....and I need to use up some of this stash that I have been "collecting". So I have signed up to join in the Blue Bazaar Scrap Bootcamp on their forum to get through it all so that I can condone spending money on more product - hehe.

I also logged into my Big Picture account to see what workshops I can do from there, and ended up signing in to participate in their Big Idea Festival. More chance for creativity.

Basically, I am determined to get through my stash, contribute to a community and chisel sometime for me out of my crazy schedule to get a little bit creative. Can you tell?

Wish me luck....even better, who's joining me?????
K xx

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Sonia said...

Glad you enjoyed Kirst, and being a part of the family (that big creative family) we all love is all part of that.

hugs and happy creating on your renewed creative boost.