Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't judge, it's personal

Anyone who knows me in real life or through my Blog knows that I am giving it a go to get rid of the last 5kgs of weight that have been bugging me for ages. 

The final push was that one of mums from Kindy started "Operation Barge Arse" and asked if I wanted to join them. She was forming a small group of ladies to work together and encourage each other on their weight loss journey. At first I didn't know whether to be offended or not, as most people usually tell me that a "look fine" when I mention that I'd like to shift a couple of kilos. These women I'd never said anything to about weight, so I was offered a place in OBA just for the way I look?? 

Hell!!!! Does that mean that all my friends have been feeding me shit for the last few years? Could his woman read deep into my eyes and read the real truth?? I decided to NOT take it as a message that my arse is that offensive that relative strangers were intervening for the good of the general public's eyesight, and take it as an in invitation to join a group of lovely women in their quest for a healthier (and a little bit slimmer) life. 

So the five of us email each other and share healthy cooking and lifestyle tips, and generally motivate each other to reach our personal goals. PERSONAL goals. 

I have been reading some very inspirational weight loss stories, and have watched friend's of my own achieve some fantastic results, and I find them very inspiring - to the point that I started my own weight loss journey. But my PERSONAL successes are being a little downplayed by some. 

I have a couple of comments that I shouldn't be celebrating such an "insignificant" amount of weight to lose when I am already in my healthy weight range. Apparently I "look fine". There are stories out there of SIGNIFICANT weight loss that are more inspirational. 

Way to put me in my place.
Just to clarify, I am at the TOP of my healthy weight range, was 10kg heavier than where I used to be, and although I may LOOK fine, I don't FEEL fine. The way we all look and feel is PERSONAL. Whether I choose to lose some excess weight or not is my choice. MINE!!

We all go through our lives looking fine, hiding information from the world at large.......we all have stuff going on that we keep to ourselves. This particular information of mine I CHOOSE to put out there as I wanted to be held accountable. REALLY accountable. 

But that's my choice, and this is my journey. I may be making it public, but it's still a personal journey, and I will not have anyone judge me for it.

Weigh in day today.
I'm happy. Not a lot of exercise this week, and a bit of a pizza, pasta and wine indulgence on Friday night.
Using the Weight Watchers Tracker on my iPhone is definitely a help. It allows me to see where I can make small changes and create healthier habits.

If you have a personal journey (it doesn't have to be weight-related) big or small, I encourage you to take it. Take it for you. Who cares what anyone else thinks. Take it because it will make you feel better.

Look after you.
K xx


Lauren said...

Congratulations on your weight loss!!
I think it is fantastic, and it makes me so grumpy when other people think that they can tell you what you are/aren't doing right- every bit of weight loss is inspirational, it is creating a better, healthier, happier you. I don't think it should matter if its 5 kilos or 50 kilos, you are still doing something about it and that is what is most important.
Keep it up- you are awesome xo

Kirst said...

Thank you Lauren.

Beverly said...

Years ago a friend joined Weight Watchers with me, I had considerable weight to lose, she had about 10 pounds. people questioned why hwe was there to which I repeatedly said.."if we had been like her and paid attention when we had that amount to lose, we wouldn't be standing here with so much more to lose. I admire her for being on top of it and knowing it's a weight that isn't comfortable for her. Every pound (or kilo :> ) is an achievemnet, take pride in it!

Kirst said...

Thank you Beverley. What a lovely comment to wake up to.
K xx