Friday, November 11, 2011

Lost the point................

Recently I have been trying to become a bit more part of the Blogosphere.
Over the years I have felt at home getting to know people through cyber-space, as I'm sure anyone reading an relate to, and have felt like my online presence has kind of been missing.

In the (distant - it seems distant) past my online presence was in the way of forums, scrapbooking and parenting forums to be exact. I have met some of my dearest friends in this way, and have been lucky enough to meet a fair few in real life. It seems strange to people who don't interact in forums/online that I can say that I have never met some of my closest friends, but I can also now understand how people can marry someone they've never met.

Scrapbooking forums were generally attached to online stores, and you were 'on' the forum if you were a customer of the store, if you were on the design team, or if you just liked the community there. It was a kind of 'home', and the members were like family. They sometimes knew you better than your own family. We shared a lot of stuff, and were all very close.

Anonymity can give you the courage to speak your mind and be yourself sometimes.

But as we all had our 'homes' sometimes you had to visit other 'homes' to chat with some friends, so a 'chat' on the forums could mean visiting 3 or 4 to catch up with the comings and going s of everyone. And then there was all the blogs to follow as most members of forums had Blogs too. (I think that I still have 1000s of blogs with millions of unread posts in my Bloglines Reader.) It was a place to go to go and catch up with one person's life, see their craft, get involved if you weren't in the mood for a forum that day................phew!! It was exhausting and getting all too hard.

Then a few years ago something happened that made it all a lot easier. A little-known thing called Facebook.

I can add everyone into my Facebook account keep up with their lives in one place. I can share my photos, let people know what I think, play games.............all in the one place. Excellent!!!!

But did you know that there are some people out there who refuse to join Facebook??? Seriously?!!??? But the people who I know who are not into it, are the type who wouldn't say that they've never met some of their dearest friends, they would never consider meeting someone online, and usually don't have a lot of hobbies that would keep them near a computer. Unlike me and my cyber buddies.

That would include my parents and my in-laws.

The main reason I started my Blog (all those years ago) was 1) because everyone else in scrapbooking had one, so shouldn't I? and 2) to keep my family and friends up to date with our lives, kids, whatever when we moved interstate. It has given them an opportunity to keep in touch without having to pick the phone up and have me repeat the same thing over and over again, and seriously anyway, who's got time to sit on the phone for that long these days???

So when my FB addiction officially went into full swing, my Blog kind of got left behind. And it's taken me this long to realise that I miss it. I miss typing out my thoughts, sharing mindless crap and annoying my family with photos, verbal diarrhea and all that boring stuff. But it gets the crappy, shitty thoughts out of my head, and I like that.

So where am I going with this? Damn! Lost it!!
This post was originally going to be about how I have been trying to get more involved in the Blogosphere, some recent post topics (or non topics) and a general chat. Instead it has turned into a little bit of a diatribe about nothing. And now I sit here not knowing where to go with it, as where I might end up would turn into an EPIC diatribe of mindless crap.


So I'm going to go. Go and get my kids and spend some time with them.
Let me finish by mentioning something completely unrelated. 
I am going out for dinner tonight.
I know you are now going "SO?" with a very confused look on your face, but I don't get out much.

Can you tell?
K xx


Joyce said...

Im glad you are blogging. I constantly update my reader and unsub from old scrappy blogs lol

Have a great night out tonight!

Kirst said...

Thank you Joyce. Nice to know that someone appreciates me! LOL