Thursday, November 3, 2011

A new week, a new motivation

Well, I got through Blogtoberfest, and am happy to report that I managed to Blog most days. Unfortunately not all, but most. Much better than my usual efforts.

Thanks for following me through October. If you have stuck around, thank you a second time.

I've been in Noosa for 5 days, hanging out with the tanned of the tanned, and the fittest of the fittest.
My husband decided to compete in the Noosa Triathlon, and I can tell you that I felt like the BIGGEST frump in town that day. There were the most amazing athletes, and their friends and families wandering around in lycra and not a hell of a lot much else.....really just a pair of runners. They are pretty inspiring athletes, and although I know that I will NEVER be as fit as some of these people, what is even more inspiring is the other people who compete.

They are not all these chiseled professionals, there were competitors of all shapes, sizes and abilities. I often wonder if I put my mind to it could I do this. Then again, I think the same thing about entering a 15km fun run, and come to the quick realisation that I don't have the motivation or inclination to do either. I am happy to be 'team mum'.

Cal's group passing the first buoy

Bailey waving to Daddy as he swims past

The position of "Team Mum" (sometimes referred to as "Triathlon Widow") involves supporting the triathlete through the months of training involved, making time for them with their children when they are not training, ensuring that the food in the pantry and fridge support the triathlete's diet, get kids out of bed at 4:45am on race day so that they are right there at the start to yell "GO DADDY!!!", and drag the kids around the triathlon area/town/track with a backpack filled with cameras, food, water, amusements, etc to make sure that you are many different points around the track to continue yelling "GO DADDY!!!" until he finishes.

 He even manages a wave on the way past

But all of this aside, it was a fun day. The weather was great, Cal did really well and ended up with a time that he was more than happy with, and the kids really enjoyed yelling "GO DADDY!!" 

He sees us

Digs in for the last 50 metres to the finish


For the other 4 days that we were away, I leisurely swam with the kids (read: sat on the side of the pool while they swam), ate, drank and was generally merry. I took my work out gear with me, planning to go for a walk/run on one of the days, but the weather turned crapola for the two days after the Tri - I don't exercise in the rain.

(Before we left, I did a cheeky weigh-in, and there was a 6-in-front. I wasn't getting too excited, I wasn't sure that it would last beyond the weekend.)
So today was the day that I had to face the scales. 

I tell you, when I got out of the shower I could see the glare of the scales. They were mocking me. Telling me I was no good. That I had over indulged. I was beginning to wonder why the hell I would decide to start this thing the week before I was heading away. But I had to step on. I knew that the 6-in-front was gone. But how far gone was it???

One foot.
Please let it be under 71.
Two feet.
Actually, I'll be lucky if it's under 72.
Close my eyes.
Oh shit! Just get this over with!
Look down.
Open my eyes.

I lost weight?!?!? I weight less than last week!
Not a lot, but a loss is a loss. And I indulged. And didn't really exercise. And I lost.

I'll take that.

Back to the gym tomorrow.. I want a more reasonable loss next week.

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