Friday, November 4, 2011

I am in L-O-V-E

Please forgive the dodgy images. Taking pictures on an iPhone in my closet doesn't make for the best photography conditions. 

This is a love that I think that most women can relate to. It's a love that's not even considered taboo these days post-Carrie Bradshaw's infatuation with her Jimmy Choos. I'm sure that we all have too many, and we just want MORE!! 
Yes, I'm talking about shoes. I think that I am developing a shoe fetish.

Anyone who knows me, often sees me in these

or these

But recently I ordered these

Thank you Mod Cloth.
I was ordering a dress, and these were on sale, so I just popped them on my order. Why not?

I have never owned a pair of wedges, and I thought that it was about time. I have been looking to buy a pair of nude coloured ones, but they didn't have any that I really liked. But now I want EVERY COLOUR UNDER THE RAINBOW!!!

These shoes put some serious height on me, and are amazingly comfortable.When I had them on I could actually see onto the top shelf of my wardrobe. Normally I have to go and get the step stool that Bailey uses to brush her teeth. The platform is at least an inch, and the heel about 3....hehe. I sit here giggling at the memory of wearing them, as it seems surreal to me to be up there.

And the length of my legs????? O-M-G!!! I may just be a convert to heels permanently. They looked so long and skinny. Trinny and Susannah would be proud.

The girls thought it was so funny how tall I was, and had me put them on and walk up to Cal. Now he's just shy of 6'5" (about 195cm) and I'm about 5'6" (168cm), so I'm used to looking into his chest, or having him lean on the top of my head. But you should have seen the look on his face when he realised that my face was above his chin and that he could actually look at me. It was all very weird.

Next on my shopping list are these

And then perhaps these

 I'll find those nude ones one day. There's plenty of time. I need to make more room in my closet for them all anyway.
I'm imagining something like this

 or this

but somehow I think my plans may be veto-d very quickly.
Hmmm.....I have to find a way to a) buy more very pretty shoes without Cal knowing about it (I don't need the lecture about spending money AGAIN) and b) find somewhere to store them all that he won't notice.

Tell me about your shoe fetish. I know you have one. Really, who doesn't?

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