Friday, October 23, 2009

I survived!!!

I had my first dance class last night. After 36 years of never being interested in learning to dance, I have no idea as to what possessed me to start taking lessons. Ha! I signed up for Beginner Jazz classes at one of the local dance schools, and we ended up doing a Modern Contemporary routine, but it was still good.

I nearly made myself sick doing spot turns. Hehe. It took a little while for the dizziness to wear off. Right now and am now a little stiff through the hamstrings more than anything else. I didn't think that my abs hurt until just now when I was playing with Ardyn on the floor. It's all good. It was a fun and different way to get a workout.

Tonight I am off to Merv's wedding. It will be nice to frock up. Haven't done it in so long. Cal is already in town catching up with "the boys" prior to the event. I can't get to the service at 4:40 though as I can't get rid of the girls until about 6pm. We had trouble getting a babysitter, and our dear friend Sarah has come to the rescue and is taking the girls for the night. I don't know how I'm going to be though. The first night without my babies in the house. I don't think that I'll get much sleep actually. I have to get them early in the morning anyway as Sarah has stuff on - maybe that's a good thing.

It will also get me up to go to Zumba. More dancing. Yay! I'm really enjoying it. I don't know what I'm going to do once the term is off and the summer break is here. Maybe back to the gym? Maybe get all of this sewing done that is piling up. :)

I just got a couple of yummy Moda charm packs delivered - "Aviary" and "Basket of Flowers" - to make some cute cot quilts. And I have some sun hats cut out in the lounge room that need to be sewed, and of course all of the other projects that I have been 'meaning to do' for MONTHS!!!!

But I have scrapped this week. Geez! This is a lot more than I have done this whole YEAR. This one is for the Monthly Sketch Challenge over at Forever Always. I haven't posted it there yet, but will do later.

Time to get things organised for tonight. Six o'clock will be here before I know it!

Have a good weekend.
K xx

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Lisa said...

this is gorgeous babe
lis xx