Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend ramblings

I forgot how much work the house and kids are when you have to do it by yourself!!! With Cal being off work for so long, it's been MONTHS since I've had to amuse both kids, while keeping the hose tidy and feeding us all. There is no time for yourself. With another body around it's a lot easier to get that 5 minutes to refresh. And given that the last time I had to deal with both of them myself on a daily basis, Bailey was barely 18 months old, and a lot less demanding. She's at that age where she's old enough to do stuff, but not old enough to do it by herself.

We'll get there.

All in all we are having a good weekend.
I forgot to mention WHY we are by ourselves. Cal is riding around Port Philip Bay today so he has been gone since Friday, and will be back tomorrow. For those of you who are not familiar with the Bay, that's where Melbourne is - hehe. He and a group of friends are riding 210kms around the Bay. And no, it's not just for the hell of it, it's an annual event organised by Bicycle Victoria. I think they're nuts myself, but good on them for having a goal and completing it. At least I assume that their going to complete it. They should be finishing soon-ish. Hope he gets through alright.

So I've been trying to get the kids out and keep them amused. After we dropped Cal at the airport on Friday morning, we went to Krispy Kreme at the airport and watched the planes take off and land while enjoying donuts and milkshakes - at least the kids did. I watched them enjoy them. Then over the the library and the park, and finally home again. We were all exhausted. Bailey went to bed, Ardyn crashed with her booty of books and I continued on with the domestic chores......ho hum.

Then yesterday the girls donned their fairy dresses and we headed over the the Glen Street Theatre for the Fairy and Pirate Picnic. I took my camera and was hoping to get some cool shots of the girls enjoying the fun, but in the first 10 minutes Bailey was scared by a pirate and wouldn't let go of me for AGES. I was carrying her for the first hour at least. Ardyn got all sooky when she was volunteered by a friendly fairy to be her helper during story time, and decided that she was going to hide behind my legs all day. So even though there were a heap of pirates and fairy friends everywhere, getting photos of them with the girls was impossible. They didn't even want their faces painted!!!! What the?? Then we came across a fairy hoola-hooping, and she had a TONNE of hoola hoops for the kids to enjoy. Well they lightened up a little then.

At 11:30 we headed over to the theatre for a Panto entitled "Fairy Princess's Surprise Party". It was pretty good, and they got really into it. Ardyn was screaming out instructions to the pixies and pirate and Bailey was dancing up a storm. There was even the obligatory "Behind You!!!!" being screamed by the adorable 4 year old next to me (Ardyn). No photos though due to Copyright restrictions, but they did have the performers pose for photos with the kids after the show. The girls actaully wanted a photo with them, but I wasn't waiting in line behind about 50 other kids for a photo when they were also complaining about being hungry. So....sooky 4 year old AGAIN.

For lunch we went and had a sausage sizzle, then got balloon flowers made and after that they decided that they wanted to have their faces painted. We did that, ran into a few friends, had a further treat (ice cream) and off we went home.

Bailey to bed, Ardyn chilled in front of the "idiot box" and I had a quick kip on the couch (and when I say quick, I mean about 15-20 minutes) before I got into the dishes and laundry again.

Never ending.
I had these grand plans to do a basket of ironing last night, but I ended up veging on the couch and watching "Sex and the City" and then read a bit of my book before I fell into a DEEP DEEP sleep.

Today I just took them to the Mall to get them out of the house (and get stuff for dinner). After lunch Bailey came to me with her sleep friends and asked to go to bed (!!?!?!? - not complaining), Ardyn is colouring and I am here. After I'm done here...back to the laundry and dishes - yippee (not)!!

I was hoping to be a little bit creative this weekend. Forever Always is having a CyberCrop this weekend, and I thought that I'd be able to get a bit of scraping done. It was a nice thought. If I even have a minute to attempt something creative, I have Ardyn at my heels wanting to scrapbook too. And I have to help her. So we have been creative for HER album. At least it's something I guess. Here's her creation.

I the other night (Thursday? Friday?) did manage to get my Recipe Scrap layout finished from Wednesday. It looks nothing like Amies, but hers was a good starting point for me. Here's what I came up with.

And just for the millionth time this weekend, Ardyn's just cracked the sads and stormed off to her room. This time because I wouldn't scrapbook with her RIGHT THIS SECOND. God forbid that I have 10 minutes to myself without her constantly in my ear!!! Whatever is it going to be like when they're teens if this is what I get at 2 and 4?

Bugger me!

And a quick plug for Lime Tart. I haven't been over there to look for a while, and I popped over to their gallery and Blog for a bit of inspiration and was quite excited about what I saw. Good job girls! They are also promoting their "Challenge Tuesdays". I will have to make sure that I remember to pop in on Tuesdays for a look-see. Why don't you?

I'll be back at some other stage with less about our 'doings', and more about stuff I've seen or like lately.
Thanks for visiting.
K xx

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Julie said...

Hey there Missy K thanks for poping by my blog. So love the pics of your fairies soooo cute. Looks as if they had a great day.