Monday, October 5, 2009

Kids usually get what they want.......

......even if it involves proving to mummy that she really isn't an artist.

The last few days have been painful for most Sydney parents. The rain has been persistent, and most kids have been stuck inside for a few days now.
Well late today I gave in to the pleas from my kids. They had been begging for me to do some face painting for them. I have no idea why we have face paints in the house anyway (probably a good idea one day in the past), and I have even less idea where they found them.

So late this afternoon I sat each girl on a kitchen stool and proceeded to create a vision on thier face. The vision and the reality were really mile apart.

Bailey had a yellow flower painted over the side of her face and one eye. It looked like a very scary character from A Clockwork Orange (with curls). Eek!!!!
Ardyn requested a butterfly on he whole face. Once I got some lines around her eyes, I realised that this was in no way going to look like a butterfly. It ended up looking more like a bad blue mardi-gras mask with glitter on it.

But they seemed happy. I was just plain embarassed.

No, there are no photos. Do you really think that I would even further embarass myself (or my kids) like that????

And this weather doesn't look like stopping any time soon. What are they going to request over the next week. Please let it be 'normal' painting, or cooking, or something that I can actaully DO. Please!!!!!

K xx

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Sonia said...

Kirst - I have you added you to my [url=]PAY IT FORWARD[/url], please let me know your favourite colour so I can make you your handmade gift.

I look forward to seeing you paying it forward too. :)