Sunday, October 11, 2009

Scrapbooking help needed!!!!

Okay, if anyone reading this is a scrapbooker, I need help.

Anyone who knows me as a scrapper knows that I do 1 page, generally single photos layouts. If I have more photos to scrap, I make a mini album.
Well I am challenging myself....

I have just printed out a heap or wallet-sized photos from Bailey's first birthday (yes, she turned 2 a couple of months ago!!!) and want to create a layout with them. I think that it will have to be a double page LO too!!! OMG!!!!!!

I nearly caved and made a mini album, but have decided to push through.

So I need some help with sketches/ideas. I am going through all of my CKs to check out Becky's sketches, but want more help.

I need you to email me any sketches or layouts that you think I may be able to get inspiration from. Lots of photos, double page.
Eeeek! I'm a bit scared.

Email to berga(at)netspace(dot)net(dot)au

K xx

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Shelly said...

Gorgeous blog Kirst-0and I am soooo not showing you my scrap space after seeing snippets of yours,lol!
If you look in the gallery at FA, you will find some nice multi photo sketches from past months too:)
Chat soon!