Monday, March 28, 2011

The reapprearance of my beloved

Yes, my camera cable decided to turn up out of nowhere. In the hell that is my garage (it is home to my entire study right now), my camera cable decided to pop its little USB head out of the deluge and say "here I am!!!"

So I can share photos. But not all in one hit - I wouldn't want to give you a heart attack by having an interesting post, so you get one. Photo that is. Yes, one.
See, I'm not really a nice person all of the time. *insert evil laugh here*

I just wanted to share today's Happy Mail.

Sugar and Spice fat quarter bundles and some yardage from my dear friends at Hawthorne Threads. I would love to dig in and sew it now, but alas, it's all packed away far, far far in the mess of my garage (which I plan on sharing tomorrow).

No idea when I will be able to share anything even remotely creative. :(

And that's it for now.
K xx

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