Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Love Paint!

This morning we have 2 lovely men in replacing the carpet upstairs, and the downstairs is stripped down to it's bare minimum ready for them to tackle tomorrow. Which gives me a fair amount of time today to read blogs, sort through old recipes and just potter rather than the usual household chores.

Seemingly unrelated, I have a few items of furniture that I'd really like to refinish. The coffee table, the buffet, and a couple of pieces that I bought off eBay with the distinct purpose of refinishing them, but never have. (All this in addition to the furniture that I now waant to make myself after finding this site that I shared a few days ago - yeah right!).

While on a bit of a Blog and Facebook hop today I have been introduced to this BLog. I'm sure that there are others out there like it (and if you know of any, please share), but this is the one that I found today. I love the way that Mike and Melanie refinish these items, and it's so inspiring that with a little effort and old ugly piece of furniture can be turned into a beautiful piece to be treasured.

I love paint! Is there nothing a little bit of effort and paint can't do???

Now, to energise me into getting things done, I am adopting Kim Archer's mantra. She has decided to share it as a beautiful, inspirational poster. So head over to her Blog to check it out. Maybe it's something that you can use to get your stuff done.

Enjoy your day.
K xx

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Beverly said...

Found you through BFS :) Thanks for sharing the links, I love Kim's mantra. I also love painting and repurposing things and can't wait for spring to really be here since most of that is done in our backyard and workshop.