Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog-hopping love

I've spent a fair bit of time lately Blog-hopping, and thoroughly enjoying it.
When I first learned about Blogs all those years ago, my 'Blog Interest" was pretty much centralised around scrapbooking. That was the online community that I was involved in. My first.

When I was trying to fall pregnant with Bailey, I got involved in the "Parenting" online community, mainly through forums. I had dabbled with it after having Ardyn, but obviously hadn't found the right forum. A couple of years later I still hadn't found the right one, but I found the right people. Well, one person in particular (yes, Soph, that's you). We met in real life, and I have pretty much not gone near a parenting forum since. I am blessed to have her as a friend.

As the kids have got older, I have found that I have enough friends and support around me to give me what I needed. And a lot of the forums really do focus on getting pregnant, being pregnant, birth, feeding......all the baby stuff. Which is GREAT, as we all need support in those areas. I am not poo-pooing it AT ALL. I have just found that it's easier to talk to my daughters' friends' parents to find out that we are all going through the same thing, talk through our fears and needs and connect.

So anyway, back to blog-hopping.
Over the years my 'bloggy interests' have evolved with me. I read blogs about general crafting, sewing, scrapbooking, design, art, photography - whatever takes my fancy really. And I enjoy bouncing off these bogs to see the interests of their owner. What a wonderful world the blog world is.

Lately I have enjoyed reading current affairs- and parenting-type blogs. After this diatribe about blogs, all I wanted to do today was share a couple of them (which are pretty well-known in their own rights, but I wanted to give them a shout out).

Thank you for being in my life The Modern Parent and Mamamia.

**what is it about sitting at a computer and just typing that makes the world seem okay for a few minutes? I'm glad that I have the opportunity to do it**

Hope you've had a wonderful weekend, and are having a fabulous lazy Sunday just like me (although I should be packing up all the rooms for the new carpet).

K xx


Amy said...

Hi Kirst :-)

It's great to meet other Aussie bloggers - I hope you enjoy Shimelle's class, I loved it last time and can't imagine life without blogging now - in various forms and stages just like you!

Kirst said...

Thanks Amy. I'm sure we'll be crossing paths again.
K xx

cate said...

Hi Kirst from another Aussie Shimelle student! I'm looking forward to your posts... and I agree with you about forums being there when you need them...

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I know what you mean about the parenting forums. They were wonderful for me up until my youngest was about 3, then I found it harder to relate to people based on my kids. I mostly stick with hobbies now.

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