Wednesday, March 23, 2011


While contemplating all the furniture (and just 'stuff') that has to be moved to make way for new carpet, I have started to think that before everything goes back to where it belongs, it is a PRIME opportunity to reorganise, purge, and create useful storage solutions.

Two words leap to mind - custom made.
Eek!!!!!! The symbols that come to mind along with those words are $$$$$.

Then the other day I was blog-hopping and came across this site. I didn't have a chance to check it out then, so I left the window open on the computer until I did. I have recently managed to have a good look, and have found at least 5 projects that I would like to tackle.

I have the skills to do these, they look pretty easy..........

But when???? If your life is anything like mine, we plan to do these things, maybe even buy the supplies, but never actually get around to DOING them.
I will need to schedule definite time to do them.

Ambitious? Absolutely!!!!!!
Will I end up at IKEA buying something similar in a flat pack? Probably.
But a girl can dream.

K xx

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