Thursday, March 24, 2011

Growing like weeds

I know that the growth charts in the 'Blue Book' are averages collected over the years, and I know that they are probably out of date, but the difference between 'average' heights and my kids is startling!

In December (when they were last measured) they were both on the 97th percentile line for their age. They have been there their whole lives.
Ardyn was the height of an 'average' 7 and a half year old girl at 6, and Bailey the height of an 'average' 4 and a half year old at not even 3 and a half.

I'd like to know where all of these 'average' girls are, because it's not as if they are towering over the girls at their schools.

I think that the "Department" needs to address these charts, as they have to be wrong. We can not all have children WELL above 'average'.

What made me even think about it is the rate at which they are growing at the moment.
Ardyn had a mufty day at school this week, and I had trouble finding anything appropriate (it's been a bit cooler in the morning these days) that would fit her!

She's long enough for a Size 8, but around the waist she still fits into a 5 or 6. That's why dresses are good. But in this cooler weather, I have trouble getting pants to fit her.

Bailey is just as thin, but longer in the body, so I'm finding her growing out of Size 4 tops. Size 4 pants still seem okay.

Time to hit the shops I think.
Any excuse to shop......... hehe.


Cheri said...

I have to smile - my girls are teens and I've been through this! And I'm reading your Thursday post on Wednesday evening. How's that for time travel?

Amy said...

Mine are exactly the same! And, don't get me started on the theoretical rantings of the Maternal Child Health Nurses!

My two sound similar to yours - same ages, but I have a boy and a girl .... I use leggings a lot as they seem to cope with the skinny minnie tall string beans :-)

themodernparent said...

Ummm those 'average charts' in the blue books can be pretty daunting sometimes. I remember wth child number 1, pouring over the figures to make sure he was normal...but by number 4...I wouldnt have a clue where he sits on the chart!

Kirst said...

Oh Martine, don't fear, I don't take that much notice I just thought I'd have a look 'out of interest'. AS long as they are happy and healthy I'm happy. And I have a sewing machine - I can take clothes in. :)

Amy, leggings are my saviour. The girls are so skinny they can wear dresses until they are the length of tops, so leggings are our best friend. Under shorts, under skirts. Love them!

Cheri, at least you get to see what's happening in the future, I always seem to go back in time...that's what you get living in Oz I guess.

Thanks for the comments gals!
K xx