Saturday, March 26, 2011

So thankful

No wisdom from me today. Nothing that inspirational occurred, but if was a pretty cool day.

Cal is away on a golfing weekend down in Tassie, so it's just me and the girls.

We were up for the usual Saturday morning hustle and bustle. Who the hell adopts a weekend schedule to life that required getting kids up, dressed, fed and out the door earlier than school days. ME!!! That's who.
Tap and Jazz classes for Ardyn, while Miss B and I enjoy a coffee (or baby-chino as the case may be) and a natter with the other mums and siblings.
Shakes at Maccas afterwards and then home for a pretty lazy day.

The weather was pretty ordinary, so we just hung out inside playing. Mathletics for Ardyn while Bailey played hairdressers on her. There were a lot of books read, and a generally good (but quiet time had by all).
I had to go and vote, so we hung out at school for a short while, injecting some money into the school through the sausage sizzle and playing on the same playground that is played on day in and day out. Apparently it's more fun on the weekend because "It's the weekend Mum!!! This is crazy!!"
I spent a bit of the afternoon on the phone with friends catching up, and pottering around the house. (I kept walking into the study trying to work out where to start, would shake my head, and walk out.) The kids played BEAUTIFULLY!!!
Then more quiet time until late afternoon.

Dinner consisted of dinner at the pub with a couple of girlfirends and their kids, and then as we left, I left with one child less (Ardyn went to her friend's house for a sleepover).
Bailey got a special treat by staying up late (by a whole half an hour), reading books with mummy and sleeping on daddy's side of my bed.

I do love snuggling up with my girls (only one at a time, otherwise they are PAINFUL), and having only one of them home means that I don't have to choose one over the other. Lovely. And I must admit I am quite partial to Bailey as she doesn't kick me in the head.

What an awesome day.
A very mundane and ordinary day, but sitting here in the dark tapping away on my laptop (observing earth hour), I can honestly say that I am truly thankful.

Thankful for my girls - they are amazing.
Thankful for Cal - I love that he is enjoying a well-deserved weekend away.
Thankful to have a choice.
Thankful for such good friends.
Thankful for the ordinary, the mundane. These are the small moments to treasure. This is when things are GOOD.

I am determined to get stuck into the study tomorrow. I have to. I will have to take a 'before' photo when it's daylight to give you a little idea what I'm dealing with.
But that's something for tomorrow. Tonight I am going to bask in the glory of my (nowhere near perfect) life, and sleep soundly next to my second born.

I am thankful.

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