Monday, March 21, 2011

Home Improvements

We have recently been making improvements to our home.
This house was built in 1999, and we have been here since 2006. When we moved here, I was so surprised at the dated decor (it was like something out of the late 80s/early 90s), and it was hard to believe that it was only 8 years old.

Slowly, slowly we have been changing the decor to suit us, and it looks as though there may be an end in sight.

In 2006 we painted a couple of bedrooms.
In 2007 we painted the family room/kitchen and changed the window coverings in the bedrooms and family room.
In 2008 we retiled downstairs - only 100 sq m!!
2009 saw Cal out of work, and the whole rest of the house saw a new coat of paint. That kept him out of trouble for a while.
Now that I think of it, we didn't do much last year. With Cal out of work, there wasn't much that we could do.

This year we are in for a bit of a change. New window coverings in the front lounge room (8 quite large windows), and new carpet through the rest of the house (about 220 sq m).

There has been a fait bit of mailtneance to do as well though. The estate/development that we live in are all 'kit homes' slapped together to get people into them when orchards were subdivided and people wanted bigger houses, so we have inherited the probelms that these homes see.

We currently have a hole in our garage ceiling from a leak in the roof, but in getting that looked at, we have found that all of the flashing needs replacing as the dodgy brothers builders only put dodgy lead on when it was built. But our wonderful builder friend Simon replaced some external battening while he was up there, and fixed a few of the little jobs that needed doing. We just have to get the roof fixed before we can get the ceiling fixed. At least it's only in the garage.

So the blinds are being made, and I am starting to cringe at the thought of moving everything around so the house can be carpeted. It's like moving. Everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) has to be boxed up and moved into the garage or onto tiles. But it will look ACE when it's all done.

One day far, far away in the future, we will have the upstairs bathrooms remodelled. They still have blue floor tiles and blue and yellow fishy and seashell borders......mmmm.....noice!

It's crazy. Considering how much houses cost in this area, and when you buy them you have to redecorate. The ne owners next door have redone their floors, window coverings and kitchen since buying their place about a year ago. Another house on the street is currently listed, but really needs all bathrooms redone, window coverings, paint.......heaps.

I knew it cost more to live in Sydney, but this is ridiculous.

Yeah, yeah. Before you ask, I'll try to get some before and after photos up.

Are you doing anything lately to make your house more of a home???

K xx


Sonia said...

Kirst I hear you on the pack and move...we have to pack up all downstairs for the floors to be polished, and then we are doing all of upstairs with carpet....yes this is the year of packing and repacking and unpacking boxes...arggghhh so with you.

But we both just have to think it will be worth it in the long run!!!

Kim said...

We've been living in our house since 1993 and are starting to change things up.We are taking out the carpet to put in laminate.

Terri C said...

Eric built our house in 2005 and we have only just started to do things to make our house our home. Since April we have repainted Bek's mansion aka bedroom, the master bedroom and master bath..we have also redone the vanity in our master bathroom and tiled behind the jacuzzi in there as well. I think the biggest project we have done is build a 16ft by 16ft deck off the back of the house..our next project - finishing the basement so it is our home theatre room.

Kirst said...

I'd kill for a home theatre room Tez. We will have to convert one of the bedrooms to a TV/play room for the girls in the not too distant future. The layout of the house just doesn't allow us to have 2 TVs downstairs - even with 2 HUGE living areas. Bugger huh?