Sunday, October 2, 2011

Blogtoberfest 2011 - Cal's birthday

I just stumbled across Blogtoberfest 2011 on a couple of Blogs, and thought that I'd give it a go and join in.

Basically I am joining the challenge to make a post EVERY DAY in October.
Well if this doesn't get my Blogging motivation up and running, I don't know what will.

It of course, was meant to start yesterday (being the first of the month - durrr) so my Day 1 is actually the official Day 2. Oh well. Better late to the party than never arrive.

I apologise now if 1) I miss a day or 2) my blog posts are less than enthralling, but I'm going to give it a go. Please bear with me.
Today. Well today was my beloved's 40th birthday, but the party has been going since last weekend.

Last Saturday morning we shot down to Melbourne to host a cocktail party for family and friends. You see, so have only lived in Sydney for 6 years, and Cal wanted to celebrate there. As he is at work all day, I don't think that he has made the same connections that I have up here. Other than work friends, or husbands of my friends, he hasn't really met anyone, and in his defence I guess he doesn't get the chance. 

So here are some shots of the party last weekend.

Today Cal said that the girls could decide what we were to do to celebrate his birthday. 
First we had to let dad sleep in. When they heard him coming down the stairs they quicly ushered him back to bed and bought his presents to him. I didn't have my camera ready for it, but he was quite amazed with some of his gifts.

During the week when I asked the girls what they wanted to get him Bailey said "A ring with a heart on it and a Beanie Kid" and Ardyn said "A book on Triathlons". I managed to talk Bailey out of the Beanie kid (a preciousness completely wasted on him) but she still insisted in the ring with a heart. Very big and very Liberace. Ardyn chose a book on Triathlon training and a book written by Sig Hansen (captain of the fishing vessel Northwestern). We also got him a pair of 2XU running shorts.

I gave him a certificate for a aerobatic plane flight from Red Balloon. He deserves to go for a joy ride in a small plane. When he was 18 he went to the US for basketball and his mum was a team chaperone. The morning that all the guys were going on a light aircraft flight over the Grand Canyon, his mother didn't wake him. Deliberately. She didn't want him in the plane for fear it would crash (which it obviously didn't). Cal has never forgiven her, and she still stands my her actions as the right decision. It's a stand-off.

So I though that I'd give him his joy flight. A friend of mine did the same flight for her 40th, and said it was fab. Okay, so Camden isn't quite the Grand Canyon, but I'm sure he'll still have fun. 


The girls then wanted to have lunch down at the beach, but the weather was PUTRID today, so it was off bowling we went (please excuse the poor iPhone pictures)

Bailey was upset that she lost

Then a lazy afternoon at home to play games, watch the NRL Grand Final, have a roast dinner, ice cream cake and a couple of glasses of red. 

A pretty quiet day, but a very enjoyable one.
Happy Birthday my sweet. Thank you for being my one and only, and living this life with me every day. 

K xx

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