Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 4 - Sandwich Masterclass

Today we had plans to go to the zoo with Emma and Charlotte. We were all really looking forward to it. It's been so long since we've all caught up.

Ardyn had spent the day yesterday with Charlotte and then slept over at her house. Such an exciting couple of days for my girl. She loves spending time with Charlotte Adores her, to the point she says she will marry her when she is grown up. So cute.

A couple of weeks ago an email went around to Zoo Friends members to notify them that bookings had opened to attend the Kids Sandwich Masterclass at the Zoo on October 4 (how lucky), and Emma booked all three girls in. The synopsis of the day was that the kids would learn the importance of healthy eating and how to make sandwiches from "World Champon Sandwich Makers". We weren't sure exactly what to expect, but it was free, the kids got to make sandwiches they wouldn't normally eat, and it was something different.

I'm all for the kids preparing food that they normally wouldn't eat in the hope that they might try something a little different. So whatever they did, I was up for it.
What we experienced was a pretty good morning. 

When we registered the kids were presented with a goodie bag filled with lots of products from the sponsors, a small chopping board, an apron and hat. After they were kitted up in their aprons and caps, they had to collect their supplies - now this impressed me. Each child was given a decent sized cooler bag with contents that included ham, baked beans, beetroot, tomato, chicken, chocolate milk and an apple. At the tables they received a loaf of bread, cheese, wraps, butter.......basically, everything needed to create any sort of sandwich you would like really.

The kids got to watch competitors from the World Sandwichship Competition make different sandwiches and wraps, and then had to copy them using the ingredients from their cooler bag.

They had so much fun creating sandwiches and wraps for us to have for lunch (which we actually did eat). I got both of my girls to try beetroot - which they promptly spat out - and they realised that there is more to a sandwich than jam or vegemite. 

Ardyn even brought some home and Cal is going to take them for lunch tomorrow.

It was a lot of fun. The girls seemed to enjoy themselves. 

Then we spent a few hours at the zoo. We haven't been there for a while and I must say, it has been renovated beautifully. But Ardyn was exhausted after the sleepover and there were a lot of tears and meltdowns - self-inflicted injuries, anxiety over possible turkey attacks, and general fatigue. When we left she fell asleep within a kilometre of the zoo. Bailey too. 


The silence was golden. 
Great day.

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