Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 27 - STUFF!!!

Do you have stuff?? We have stuff! In fact we have TOO much STUFF!!!!

I feel like 'stuff' is taking over our lives.

I had a bit of a meltdown this morning. Over stuff.
We have an approximately 40sq house (400 square feet), and it feels as though it is bursting.
I think I ranted about this only a few weeks ago, but it's come back to me and really made me feel AWFUL today.

My kids just have so much. It's almost disgusting. I feel sick at the thought of mow much we have.
I didn't grow up with this much stuff, and I don't think that Cal did either (I think it's the same with most of us), and even though it's lovely to know that we can give them all of this (stuff), I know that they can live on less.

It's Ardyn's birthday in a few weeks, and then Christmas not long after that, and I have explained to her that if we don't thin out her "stuff", she can't get anything new - it just won't fit.

I have to stop complaining and melting down, and just DO.

I am creating a list, and not the wishy-washy type of list(s) that I usually make. This list is going to be comprehensive. I am going to walk through every room of the house, imagine it how I would like it, and write down EVERYTHING that has to be done to get it to that point.

That list is then getting typed up, printed out and put on the wall for all to see. And when I find myself with a block of time to get to action, it's there. And when the kids whinge at me "What can I do?" I can direct them to the list, and they can do their bit.

Determined to get through this before Ardyn's birthday, so that gives me a deadline. December 1. One month (give or take). Time to just do it!!

Is STUFF taking over your life?? Has it in the past and you've overcome it? I'd love to know how you went about sorting through everything, especially if you involved your kids. And what did you do with the STUFF after you got it out of your house?? Help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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