Thursday, October 20, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 20 - Slowing Down

I am always told to slow down, take it easy, relax. And I find it very hard. There is always something to do, and always something I want to do. I find that my head can run at a million miles an hour some days, and that can be a real problem, as then I start to over think things.

It's been busy the last few months, and I've enjoyed it. But this week has been different. I've slowed down.

I have no one to justify my time to. I have no one to answer to. And I am enjoying the ride. This may sound corny, but this week I feel like I'm not just existing, but actually living. For me.

It's true. Sometimes we just need to slow down and just BE.

Why rush? We don't get there any faster. We all live and learn at a pace that is the right one for us.
There has definitely been less of this type of thing

and more of this

(even if it is only in my head).

I am enjoying this week.

K xx

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