Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 28 - The Halloween Grinch

I'll admit it, I'm a Grinch. A Halloween Grinch. I don't believe it is 'our' holiday. North Americans have great fun with it and celebrate it in great style, but I just don't believe that it is an Australian holiday.

Pre-kids Cal would go and buy HEAPS of lollies for the neighbourhood kids who came Trick or Treating, and all that happened was that we were left with a MASSIVE bowl of lollies to eat for the next week or so. He has it in his head that everyone out there is celebrating, when really, not many do.

Now that we have kids, he thinks that I should embrace it for the sake of the kids.
To me, it's still an American holiday and I don't see why we need to adopt it. Even for the kids.
Every year, I do (begrudgingly) I buy lollies to save having an argument), but when someone does come to the door I refuse to answer it. This is Cal's holiday, not mine.

Last year was the first time that we really had to treat it with a bit more 'oomph'. Ardyn started school and the kids were discussing it. The school put on a Halloween Disco, and even one of the girls in her class themed her birthday party as a Halloween Disco. So I made a costume for her. For the party - and then she could wear it to the school disco. She wanted to decorate the that wasn't happening any time in my lifetime.

I still bought lollies and refused to answer the door, and Cal made the decision that there was to be bo Trick or Treating, but that they could go next year.

And here we are. Halloween weekend 2011. Both Ardyn and Bailey are asking to go Trick or Treating. Cal has told me that I have to take them (apparently it's my job as a mum) which I won't. This is his holiday. I have not bought any lollies, and the hhouse is DEFINITELY NOT getting decorated.

I have however made a costume for the school disco. It's tonight, and she is yet to see it finished. Here's a sneak on our in-house dress form (affectionately known as Andrea):

I hope she likes it. I enjoy making stuff for her, and I love dress-ups. I just put it out of my mind that this particular dress up is to celebrate a holiday that I don't believe is ours to celebrate.

Please note: I have nothing against Halloween or anyone who wants to celebrate it, so I do not wish to offend anyone. That is not my intent. My intent of this post is purely to point out that my family sees me as a Grinch - I'm taking the piss out of myself.

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