Monday, October 17, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 17 - Almost back to normal

I had one last piece of market business to attend to today, and then I thought I was pretty much done. I just had to get to school by 8am to let the dude in to pick up the tables, but after rushing the kids so that I could get them to a friend's place to have lunch with her kids (I am SOOOOO grateful), I got to school to find out that he got there early and was well under way.
So a quick coffee run for us both, a debrief with a couple of the other mums, return all the stuff that I needed to the office, a quick note the the neighbours to apologise for any disruptions.....and we're done. Well I am. Thanks for Lea I didn't have to drive around the neighbourhood and collect the banners that were out and about (what a gem) and I'm feeling a little back to normal.

After a cuppa with my friend who fed my kids breakfast, took Arydn to school and amused Bailey, we (Bailey and I) did some groceries, and then came for babyccinos and some cooking. By 12:30 I had dinner in the slow cooker, the filling for chicken pasties cooked and cooling, lunch made for the girl and chocolate cupcakes on the go.

I felt like mum again.
It was pleasant.

The pasties were delicious, the cupcakes scrumptious (although no photo - sorry) and dinner.....well, that could have been better.

And now it's 10:30(ish) and I am actually considering bed.
After being in bed and up out of bed relatively early for the last few days, I kind of like the feeling of getting things done before anyone else gets up. I don't feel rushed.

It's pleasant.
So after my very quick update, I'm off to snooze.
K xx

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