Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Blogtoberfest Day 25 - Weight Watchers Day 1

I started today by eating a cupcake. What a way to start after my big spiel yesterday!!
To be honest, I was a little disgusted with myself. So I quickly had some watermelon. Filled up on the zero-point option.

As you probably know, Weight Watchers works on a point system. I have been allocated 29 Pro-Points a day. I have downloaded the iPhone App to track what I eat, and how many points things are. It has made today so easy. A few small changes have made he world of difference.

I drank my coffee black.
I snacked on fruit instead of baked goods (oh my dear baked goods, I am going to miss you so).
I cooked a stir fry tonight in which I usually include noodles. I cooked the noodles seperately, served them to Cal and I just had the meat and vegetables.

I still had a shortbread with my coffee.
I don't feel as if I have missed out on anything.
It was just a matter of thinking about what I actually put into me.

Small changes, and I still have 3 points left!!
I am a little hungry, and it is at this time that I would usually go and have my late night snack - so naughty - but I am going to go and have a BIG glass of water and go to bed.

Day 1 done and dusted, and I have an exercise plan for the next week waiting to be put down on paper, but that can wait until tomorrow.
K xx

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Anna said...

Good luck to you. I'm doing WW too, and have lost a stone in about 4 or so months. I'm still breastfeeding, so it's going slower than I want, but it's going! Let me know if you ever want some encouragement!