Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's begun!

Well I have started the wardrobe clean out, and although I have 2 garbage bags full of clothes and moved things around in there, I can't seem to see any progress.

I definitely have to be more ruthless, but the process has been good. 

While doing this, I have realised 3 things:
  1. I am queen of the cardi - anyone who knows me knows that I layer. I have quite a large supply of white singlets, tees and long sleeved tees, that usually get layered under another tee/top/shirt with a cardi over the top. But because this is my standard uniform, I have more cardis than any other normal person. About 30 to be exact. Is that just weird??? Too many?
  2. I need Gok!!!! I am an impulse buyer. I have thrown out so many things with the tags still on. I don't shop and think about how things would fit into my wardrobe. He creates wardrobes with under 30 pieces in them, but they all mix and match perfectly. I don't think that I would be able to live with 30 items (where would all the cardigans go?), but I could definitely benefit from a little more double-duty.
  3. I need to make a list and try clothes on. This is a follow on from point 2. I have a tendency to just go to the shops and buy on emotion, rather than looking in my wardrobe and working out what I actually NEED. Additionally, when I buy on emotion I tend not to try clothes on and invariably I get home and they don't fit properly. But do I return them? No. I make justifications about why they need to be in my wardrobe and they stay there (just to be tossed into a garbage bag with the tags on a year later when I clean out my wardrobe). How wasteful is that????? Terrible.
So not only do I need to clean out my wardrobe, I need to change some bad habits. This is not only a wardrobe makeover, but a bit of a life makeover.
K xx

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